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Publications in 2008

  1. Q. F. Zhang, G. Wahnstrom, M. E. Bjorketun, Shiwu Gao, and Enge Wang, "Path Integral Treatment of Proton Transport Processes in BaZrO3". Physical Review Letters 101, 215902(2008)
  2. Mina Yoon, Shenyuan Yang, Christian Hicke, Enge Wang, David Geohegan, and Zhenyu Zhang, "Calcium as the Superior Coating Metal in Functionalization of Carbon Fullerenes for High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage". Physical Review Letters 100, 206806(2008)
  3. Jie Ma, Enge Wang, Zhenyu Zhang, and Biao Wu, "Theory of the excitation of the vibrational mode of an adatom-substrate system under a resonant laser field". Physical Review B 78, 125303(2008)
  4. Jian-Tao Wang, Changfeng Chen, E. G. Wang, Ding-Sheng Wang, H. Mizuseki, and Y. Kawazoe, "Effect of strain on the energetics and kinetics of dissociation of Sb4 on Ge(001)". Physical Review B 78, 073403(2008)
  5. Shenyuan Yang, Lixin Zhang, Hua Chen, Enge Wang, and Zhenyu Zhang, "Generic guiding principle for the prediction of metal-induced reconstructions of compound semiconductor surfaces". Physical Review B 78, 075305(2008)
  6. H. Narita, A. Kimura, M. Taniguchi, M. Nakatake, T. Xie, S. Qiao, H. Namatame, S. Yang, L. Zhang, and E. G. Wang, "Tip-induced band bending effect and local electronic structure of Al nanoclusters on Si(111)". Physical Review B 78, 115309(2008)
  7. Shenyuan Yang, Mina Yoon, Christian Hicke, Zhenyu Zhang, and Enge Wang, "Electron transfer and localization in endohedral metallofullerenes: Ab initio density functional theory calculations". Physical Review B 78, 115435(2008)
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  9. Jing Teng, Kehui Wu, Jiandong Guo, Enge Wang, "Scanning-induced structure transformation between self-assembled phases of pentacene on Ag/Si(111)". Surface Science 602, 358(2008)
  10. Kefei Zheng, Qinlin Guo, E.G. Wang, "A buffer layer for ZnO film growth on sapphire". Surface Science 602, 2600(2008)
  11. Yufeng Chen, Xinhua Zhao, Hui Mac, Shulan Maa, Gailing Huang, Yoji Makita, Xuedong Bai, Xiaojing Yang, "Structure and dehydration of layered perovskite niobate with bilayer hydrates prepared by exfoliation/self-assembly process". Journal of Solid State Chemistry 181, 1684(2008)
  12. Xiang Wu, Peng Jiang, Wei Cai, Xue-Dong Bai, Peng Gao and Si-Shen Xie, "Hierarchical ZnOMicro-/Nano-Structure Film". Advanced Engineering Materials 10, 476(2008)
  13. Ding Pan, Li-Min Liu, Gareth A. Tribello, Ben Slater, Angelos Michaelides, and Enge Wang, "Surface Energy and Surface Proton Order of Ice Ih". Physical Review Letters 101, 155703(2008)
  14. XIAOLIN LI, GUANGYU ZHANG, XUEDONG BAI, XIAOMING SUN, XINRAN WANG, ENGE WANG AND HONGJIE DAI, "Highly conducting graphene sheets and Langmuir–Blodgett films". Nature Nanotechnology 3,538(2008)
  15. Wenlong Wang, Yoshio Bando, Chunyi Zhi, Wangyang Fu, Enge Wang, and Dmitri Golberg, "Aqueous Noncovalent Functionalization and Controlled Near-Surface Carbon Doping of Multiwalled Boron Nitride Nanotubes". Journal of American Chemical Society 130, 8114(2008)
  16. Zhi Xu, Wengang Lu, Wenlong Wang, Changzhi Gu, Kaihui Liu, Xuedong Bai, Enge Wang, and Hongjie Dai, "Converting Metallic Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes into Semiconductors by Boron/Nitrogen Co-Doping". Advanced Materials 20, 3615(2008)
  17. K. H. Liu, P. Gao, Z. Xu, X. D. Bai, and E. G. Wang, "In situ probing electrical response on bending of ZnO nanowires inside transmission electron microscope". Applied Physics Letters 92,213105(2008)


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