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45            Keynote Speaker, 3rd Inter. Conf. On Mater. For Adv. Technologies (ICMAT),  9th Inter. Conf. On Adv. Mater. (ICAM), 3rd Vacuum and Surface Sciences of Asia and  Australia (VASSCAA), July 3-8, 2005,Singapore               

44            Workshop on Interface Disorder in Nanosystems, Leiden, Netherlands. (June 20 – 23, 2005) “Kinetics-driven atomic processes in formation and decay of surface-based nanostructure”.

43            World Materials Research Institute Forum, Tsukuba, Japan (June 6 – 8, 2005)

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37            APS March Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (March 22-26, 2004),  “Attempts in CNT Engineering: Nanocone, Nanobell, and Beyond”.
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31            Plenary Talk, The Chinese Physical Society (CPS) Fall Meeting, Hefei (Sept.17- 20, 2003) “The Fate of Migrating Atoms on Surface.”

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                  In Symposium of “Structure-Property Relationships of Oxide Surfaces and  Interfaces”.
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                 “Formation and Decay of Surface-based Nanostructures: Atomic-scale Study”.
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7                 Symposium for Young Chinese Scholars on Condensed Matter Physics,  Beijing (July 5-8, 1998) “Synthesis and Characterization of Light Element Compounds.”

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1                The 17th International Semiconductor Meeting (Nordic), Trondheim, Norway (Jun. 17 –20, 1996), “Synthesis and Characterization of Pure Crystalline  C-N Film.”