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Publications in 2011

  1. Wangyang Fu, Shengyong Qin, Lei Liu, Tae-Hwan Kim, Sondra Hellstrom, Wenlong Wang, Wenjie Liang, Xuedong Bai, An-Ping Li, and Enge Wang,Ferroelectric Gated Electrical Transport in CdS Nanotetrapods,Nano Letters 11,1530-6984(2011).
  2. Xiaoxia Yang, Lei Liu, Muhong Wu, Wenlong Wang, Xuedong Bai, and Enge Wang,Wet-Chemistry-Assisted Nanotube-Substitution Reaction for High-Efficiency and Bulk-Quantity Synthesis of Boron- and Nitrogen-Codoped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes,Journal of the American Chemical Society 133,0002-7863(2011).
  3. Lei Liu , Yingli Zhang , Wenlong Wang , Changzhi Gu , Xuedong Bai , and Enge Wang,Nanosphere Lithography for the Fabrication of Ultranarrow Graphene Nanoribbons and On-Chip Bandgap Tuning of Graphene,Advanced Materials 23,1521-4095(2011).
  4. Zhi Xu, Yoshio Bando, Lei Liu, Wenlong Wang, Xuedong Bai, and Dmitri Golberg ,Electrical Conductivity, Chemistry, and Bonding Alternations under Graphene Oxide to Graphene Transition As Revealed by In Situ TEM,ACS Nano 5,1936-0851(2011).
  5. Longyan Yuan,Junjie Dai,Xiaohong Fan,Ting Song,Yu Ting Tao,Kai Wang,Zhi Xu,Jun Zhang,Xuedong Bai,Peixiang Lu,Jian Chen,Jun Zhou,and Zhong Lin Wang,Self-Cleaning Flexible Infrared Nanosensor Based on Carbon Nanoparticles,ACS Nano 5,1936-0851(2011).
  6. Xianghui Zhang,Xihong Lu,Yongqi Shen,Jingbin Han,Longyan Yuan,Li Gong,Zhi Xu,Xuedong Bai,Min Wei,Yexiang Tong,Yihua Gao,Jian Chen,Jun Zhou,and Zhong Lin Wang,Three-dimensional WO3 nanostructures on carbon paper: photoelectrochemical property and visible light driven photocatalysisw,Chemical Communications 47,1359-7345 (2011).
  7. Zhaoliang Liao, Peng Gao, Yang Meng, Hongwu Zhao, Xuedong Bai, Jiandi Zhang, and Dongmin Chen,Electroforming and endurance behavior of Al/Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3/Pt devices,APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 99,0003-6951(2011).
  8. Kaihui Liu, Wenlong Wang, Muhong Wu, Fajun Xiao, Xiaoping Hong, Shaul Aloni, Xuedong Bai, Enge Wang, and Feng Wang,Intrinsic radial breathing oscillation in suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes,PHYSICAL REVIEW B 83,1098-0121(2011).
  9. Jie Ma, Angelos Michaelides, Dario Alf`e, Laurids Schimka, Georg Kresse, and Enge Wang,Adsorption and diffusion of water on graphene from first principles,PHYSICAL REVIEW B 84,1098-0121(2011).
  10. Qianfan Zhang, Yi Cui, and Enge Wang,Anisotropic Lithium Insertion Behavior in Silicon Nanowires:Binding Energy, Diffusion Barrier, and Strain Effect,The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.115,1932-7447(2011).
  11. D. E. Starr, D. Pan,  J. T. Newberg,a M. Ammann, E. G. Wang, A. Michaelides*e and H. Bluhm,Acetone adsorption on ice investigated by X-ray spectroscopy and density functional theoryw,Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.13,1463-9076(2011).
  12. Ding Pan, Li-Min Liu, Ben Slater, Angelos Michaelides, and Enge Wang,Melting the Ice: On the Relation between Melting Temperature and Size for Nanoscale Ice Crystals,ACS Nano 5,1936-0851(2011).
  13. M.Watkins, D. Pan, E. G.Wang, A. Michaelides, J. VandeVondele, and B. Slater,Large variation of vacancy formation energies in the surface of crystalline ice,NATURE MATERIALS 10,1476-1122(2011)

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