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Publications in 2007

  1. Multiwall boron carbonitride/carbon nanotube junction and its rectification behavior, Liao L, Liu KH, Wang WL, Bai XD, Wang EG, Liu YL, Li JC, Liu C, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 129, 9563(2007).
  2. Growth extremely thin bulklike metal film on a semiconductor surface:monolayer Al(111) on Si (111), Jiang Y, Kim YH, Zhang SB, Ebert P, Yang SY, Tang Z, Wu KH, Wang EG, Applied Physics Letters. 91, 181902(2007).
  3. Quantum size effect induced dilute atomic layers in ultrathin AL films, Jiang Y, Wu KH, Tang Z, Ebert P, Wang E. Physical Review B.  76, 35409(2007).
  4. Large-scale aligned silicon carbonitride nanotube arrays: Synthesis, characterization, and field emission property, Liao L, Xu Z, Liu KH, Wang WL, Liu S, Bai XD, Wang EG, Li JC, Liu C, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 101, 114306(2007).
  5. Field emission of GaN-filled carbon nanotubes: High and stable emission current, Liao L, Li JC, Liu C, Xu Z, Wang WL, Liu S, Bai XD, Wang EG, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, 7, 1080(2007).
  6. Charged fullerenes as high-capacity hydrogen storage media, Yoon M, Yang SY, Wang EG, Zhang ZY, Nano Letters, 7 2578(2007).
  7. Conductance spectra of metallic carbon nanotube heterojunctions, Zhang WX, Lu WG, Guo H, Wang EG, Physical Review B, 75, 193410(2007).
  8. Temperature and coverage driven condensation of pentacene on the Si(111)-(3x3)R30-Ag surface, Teng J, Guo JD, Wu KH, Wang EG, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER. 19, 356005(2007).
  9. Initial growth and oxygen adsorption of silver on Al2O3 film, Guo DH, Guo QL, Zheng KF, Wang EG, and Bao XH, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C. 111, 3985(2007).
  10. Ultra-thin zinc oxide film on Mo(100), Zheng KF, Guo QL, Xue MS, Guo DH, Liu S, Wang EG, THIN SOLID FILMS, 515, 7167(2007).
  11. Raman scattering from an individual tubular graphite cone, Tan PH, Zhang J, Wang, XH, Zhang GY, Wang EG, Carbon. 45, 1116(2007).
  12. Field emission of a single in-doped ZnO nanowire, Huang YH, Zhang Y, Gu YS, Bai XD, Qi JJ, Liao QL, Liu J, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C.  111, 9039(2007).
  13. Field-emission properties of individual ZnO nanowires studied in situ by transmission electron microscopy, Huang YH, Bai XD,Zhang Y, Qi JJ, Gu YS, Liao QL, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 19, 176001(2007).
  14. Structural peculiarities of in situ deformation of a multi-walled BN nanotube inside a high-resolution analytical transmission electron microscope, Golberg D, Bai XD, Mitome M, Tang CC, Zhi CY, Bando Y, ACTA MATERIALIA, 55, 1293(2007).
  15. In situ TEM probing properties of individual one-dimensional nanostructures, Bai XD, Xu Z, Liu KH, Wang EG, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY.  4, 119(2007).
  16. TOWARDS THE SINGLE-WALLED B- AND/OR N-DOPED CARBON NANOTUBES, Wang WL, Bai XD, Wang EG, International Journal of Nanoscience 6, 431(2007).


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